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Caravan & Motorhome Shower Tray Repair

With thousands of caravans and motorhomes repaired over the years we had to perfect our Caravan shower tray repairs system to enable us to look after our fantastic customers, ncc membernow not only can we provide a first class product that doubles up as a Motorhome shower tray repair service that leaves your trays structurally sound, great to look at and with a waterproof non-slip coating that in many cases is stronger and more durable than the day your holiday vehicle left the factory and as members of the National Caravan Council we are dedicated to looking after our customers before, during and after any of our repairs.

Choose Your Nearest Shower Tray Repairer

Mobile Shower Tray Repair

Our operatives will repair your caravan or motorhome’s shower room tray usually within the day and will be guaranteed for 5 years.

Our system also allows us to complement the original colour of your shower floor, we do this by choosing a nearest match colour from our selection that more often than not is hard to distinguish from the original paint on the surrounding panels.

We come to you, whether your caravan or motorhome is located at your home address, storage facility or even sited, subject to the relevant permissions we can turn up and perform the repair with little or no effort from yourselves, however should you prefer to bring your caravan or motorhome to us you are more than welcome to do that also.

DIY Shower Tray Repair

Can you buy our products and carry out the repair yourself?  Unfortunately not, due to some of the chemicals used during the process, mainly the priming and top coat application, our fully trained technicians have the necessary skills and protective equipment, (much the same as traditional paints in bodyshops and other leading shower tray repair systems) to do the job safely and efficiently and of course once dried, we usually suggest leaving for around 24 hours to fully cure, your caravan shower tray repairs are fully safe and sound.

Caravan Shower Tray Repairs Before & After Images.

Here is a typical example of what can be achieved by our caravan shower tray repair technicians.

As you can see from the image below when I turned up to our customer in Lincolnshire their shower tray was badly cracked along the edge and around the plughole where there was no support and the plastic was very brittle after 10 years of use.

caravan shower tray repair

The next stage of this kind of repair is to not only mend the shower tray but also to re-inforce and strengthen underneath so that no further damage should be sustained in the future.  Once the shower base has been reinforced the next stage is to repair the shower tray itself, we do this using our formulated Caravan Surgeon resin that will not only fix the damage but will also flex and bend with any future wear the shower tray will come under.


motorhome shower tray repair


Once the shower tray repair process has been completed the next phase is to apply the tough Sealant Coat that not only leaves the shower tray looking great but is tough and durable whilst also adding a certain amount of non slip functionality to the finished caravan shower tray repairs.

shower tray repairs near me

Caravan Shower Tray Repair Near Me

Depending on where you live in the country you will have different options available to you for how we can repair your Caravan or Motorhome shower tray.

Finding your local Caravan Surgeon shower tray repairer couldn’t be easier, simply click on the closest icon to where you live on the map above and you will be directed to the dedicated page for that technician with a contact form that puts you directly in touch with the repairer, simply fill out the short form, click submit and you should receive your reply usually within 24 hours and we aim to book in and carry out any repairs within the month.

For those who live outside our currently service area’s (You can find out where those are from the map above) You are always to bring your Caravan, Motorhome or Camper to us and we will carry out the repair process usually within the day.

Mobile Caravan Shower Tray Repairs

We currently offer mobile caravan shower tray repairs throughout Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Lincolnshire as well as all counties bordering them but we are conveniently based just off the M1 in Nottinghamshire and if you prefer you can come to us by arrangement and we will carry out the repair our workshop.